• Soil Fertility Testing

    De Bei can help you develop a strategy to ensure that your soil conditions are optimal

    and tailored to your specific crop and production goals
  • Integrated Pest Management

    De Bei can help you protect your investment from natural enemies

    by designing an integrated pest management strategy

  • Orchard Establishment

    De Bei uses state-of-the-art equipment and management methods

    to help you determine how to design your orchard
  • Pruning and Training

    De Bei can send a team to conduct seasonal pruning and offers pruning services

    along with tree and vine training consulting

World-Class Orchards Need World-Class Technology

The mission of De Bei Consulting is to increase profits of farms and orchards using a holistic service approach. These services include soil, plant, and water analysis and recommendations; on-site consultation; research and development consultation; irrigation consultation, pest management consultation, erosion control, and farm and orchard management training. We look at all aspects of the production process to help farms and orchards improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase yield, and improve product quality.